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Desperately Kind is run by Jeff, amateur writer and web designer, 
professional music fan. I will continually update and improve this site so
that it becomes a reliable source of music information that people will 
continue to come back to. All reviews on the site are by me excpet where noted.
Please email any comments, questions, suggestions, complaints, etc. to

You may notice that most of the reviews on the site are pretty positive. It
is not that we are not discriminating. It's just that we like to write about
music that we like. And with only so much time, we'd rather let you know about
the music that we feel is good. Not that you won't see bad reviews here. But
even those will often be about bands that we like but that just didn't impress
us as they normally do.

I will still be reviewing some albums but I have taken off my mailing address
since I was getting too many CD's that I didn't have time to review. I will mostly
be reviewing albums that I really love but you can email if you want to be considered
for a review. I will try to review all shows that I go to also. Email if you would like
me to check out your show.

Anyone who wishes to put a link to this site on their site, please do so. If
you can let me know that you've done so, I would appreciate it. Thanks. 

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