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taking a break and more!
ugh! sorry to do this but i think i need to take a break for a little bit to recharge. i think its time for a well deserved? break. i hope everyone understands. i am thinking a week, but i doubt i will be gone for that long because i am sure something important will pop up. my email link will be down for now. i am not quitting : ) if anyone cares. anyway sorry again i hope u understand.

as for elliot news here is some:

check out elliott is the cover story on their site and they interview himm too! go here to check it out! thanks to andrea from the elliott onelist

in magazine news

thanks to jared for sending this info that there is a review of figure 8 in an australia magazine called juice. the review is also online at the juice's website. go here to check it out!

virgin in-store setlist and much more!
thanks to greg, christina, elizabeth, mookie and fearofpop7 for sending the virgin in-store setlist from friday (4.21.00):

son of sam
junk bond trader
pretty mary k
everything means nothing to me
in the lot and found
new song
cupid's trick
color bars
ugly before (new new song, like he said they came up with it the day before)
wouldn't mama be proud?
can't make a sound
ballad of big nothing
independence day

in other online news:

lido was rad enough to add the vh1 interview on his site! : ) please go here if u want to check it out!

jerad from elliott smith opinion's was cool enough to send me word that he now has live mp3s to download from his site. go here to check it out and don't forget he changes the questions every monday! thanks jerad!

thanks to fred for sending this info! : i just saw a news item on the mtv website. he
talks about the video and the names of his new band members are revealed. go
here to check it out

thanks to carl for posting this on the onelist: is giving away an autographed happiness 7", a copy of figure 8, an autographed happiness
cd single, and a window sticker. go
here to enter to win!

thanks to danielle for send this article on the village voice website. please go here to check it out

in magazine news:

thanks to anges for posting this on the onelist: there's an article about elliott smith in les inrocks (a french mag) of course. 3 pages of text and a full page photo.

thanks to jason for sending this: there is a review of figure 8 in the new may issue of maxim. they give it a rave review and four out of five stars(or blocks in their case).

thanks to sharon for sending this: elliott is in the new flaunt magazine with christian bale on the cover

thanks to jen for send this too: i just thought i would let you know that there is a 1/3 page article on elliott smith and his new cd in the may 1, 2000 edition of us weekly. the article highly praises him and gives his cd 3 stars. there is a picture of the cd and a picture of elliott with a blurred background.

portland, toronto, vancouver on sale now! and is back! : )
thanks to jason for sending this: i wanted to congratulate you on a wonderful site and give you information about elliott's june 3 show at the crystal ballroom. tickets are now available through, and at the crystal ballroom box office. they will be available at other mcmenamins ticket locations on monday (assuming the show hasn't sold out by then).

also ticketmaster canada recently added the toronto and vancouver shows on it's sitefor fans to buy tickets on line. please go here to get your tickets now! special thanks to andrew for sending this info!

also don't forget that this saturday, tickets will go on sale for the la shows at the palace theatre hollywood. you can get tickets at ticketmaster

yay!!!!! is back! after some problems, casey was able to get it back and my all time favorite elliott smith site is back for everyone to enjoy and download some great music, plus other great stuff! in case u don't know is a huge inspiration and there is no sweet adeline without! also, don't forget to check out! casey created that site too and its fantastic, plus u can download some elliott music there too!

moving on, elliott in belgium and more
geez this really feels wierd. it seems like we reached our goal with figure 8, but ha! there is so much more to go. don't forget we have a major tour, a single coming up and hopefully more to come! one of the things i forgot to say yesterday is that i wanted to thank everyone that makes this site fun. i don't know if that ever comes across but thanks for making it fun to help keep everyone in the know about figure 8 and everything elliott related. thank u for helping me in everyway :)

thanks to klass for sending me this info: elliott smith is playing sat. july 1st., on the t/w (torhout/werchter) festival in belgium. if you need more information please go to the official site here

in other tour news, thanks to kelly for sending this info: thought let you know that tickets for his show in vancouver (6/2) go on sale 4/20. also please check, because they now have on sale dates posted on their tour dates page!

i am taking off the australia release date for figure 8 on the important dates thingy on the right, thanks to this email i got from scott: in regards to the australian release of figure 8 which you have down as 4.24 this is not the case at all. i picked it up last nite (18th) so i assume that was the release date

figure 8 is out! more about the nyc show and other stuff! (updated!)
after waiting close to about a year and a half, figure 8 is finally out for everyone to enjoy : ) here is my review of figure 8: its great and i hope you buy it. yeah it doesnt really matter what i think of it but i hope you guys have a great time listening it! so when is elliott's new record coming out? hopefully we wont have to wait long : )

in other news: rebecca was cool enough to post important info concerning the instore show in nyc this friday: elliott will be playing an instore at the virgin megastore on 14th st this friday at 8 or 8:30. however, the only way to get in is to buy a copy of figure 8 today (the 18th!!!) from them and they will give out a laminated pass to get into the instore.

the updated part is in red above!

this is a warning. recently more than 3 sites have had different days posted for when elliott is suppose to be on conan obrien this week. elliott is listed to be on this on the 21st, while nbc has 2 dates listed. on one page under musical guests it has elliott listed on the 21st, while on the who's next page it has elliott under the 20th. we arent sure if that means elliott will be recorded on thrusday and the broadcast is on friday? please keep your eye out on this. anything is possible and if i hear anything i will for sure post it. special thanks to peter for the info!

are u still not sure about getting figure 8? check out this review in the dallas morning news. thanks to jasun!

audiorocket features elliott
thanks to casey, he let me know he recently added a new elliott smith section to his wonderful mp3 site, i won't give it away, but included on the site are 9 mp3s and some cool elliott smith links. also please browse around to find more info about audiorocket. casey offers some great opportunites for up and coming bands and artists by providing a forum to help bring notice to your music. go here for more info!

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figure 8 japanese import in u.s. 4.24.00
full band u.s. tour starts - 5.5.00
son of sam import single 6.19.00

trees dallas, tx 5.5.00
la zona rosa austin, tx 5.6.00
variety playhouse atlanta, ga 5.8.00
328 performance hall nashville, tn 5.9.00
ritz theatre raleigh, nc 5.10.00
9:30 club washington d.c. 5.12.00
trocadero philadelphia, pa 5.13.00
the roxy boston, ma 5.15.00
lupo's heartbreak hotel providence, ri 5.16.00
irving plaza ny, ny 5.17.00
irving plaza ny, ny 5.18.00
irving plaza ny, ny 5.19.00
higher ground burlington, vt 5.20.00
spectrum montreal, que 5.22.00
phoenix concert theatre toronto, ont 5.23.00
st. andrew's hall detroit, mi 5.24.00
metro chicago, il 5.25.00
metro chicago, il 5.26.00
first avenue minneapolis, mn 5.27.00
ogden theatre denver, co 5.29.00
showbox seattle, wa 5.31.00
showbox seattle, wa 6.1.00
commodore ballroom vancouver, bc 6.2.00
crystal ballroom portland, or 6.3.00
fillmore sf, ca 6.5.00
fillmore sf, ca 6.6.00
palace la, ca 6.7.00
palace la, ca 6.8.00
t/w 2000, belgium 7.1.00

tabs - 4.24.00
reviews - 4.24.00
front - 4.22.00
articles - 4.22.00
misc pics - 4.22.00

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